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You are in the category of jewels - pendants. You can find there golden pendants, silver pendants and pendants from other metals, pendants decorated with precious stones, pendants of various shapes, for example crosses. There are pendants sold by stores or individuals from throughout the Czech Republic. You can find jewels on our websites also in these categories: brooches, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and other jewels. The advantage of purchase and sale of antique rings and other jewels on the website is full profit from the sale for vendors thanks to unincreased price of goods by our zero commission. Shops and vendors of jewels on our websites have thus possibility of selling jewels with lower price by more than 20 %.

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Gold pendant - chatelaine

Gold pendant - chatelaine

Gold. Purity Au 585 / 1000. Net weight 17,20 grams. Gold pendant for watch...

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660,- €


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